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Thursday, 15 March 2012

Spring time in Saumur Champigny

We popped in to Chateau Yvonne in Parnay to pick up some of Mathieu Vallée's Saumur Champigny and Saumur Blanc yesterday afternoon after enjoying our first lunch of the year outside at the Croix Blanche in Fontevraud.  We drove around the vineyards before calling in to see if we could locate Mathieu who was out pruning but didn't manage to track him down. His mum was manning the fort and told us that he had a white van.  Hmm - not much help that - pretty much every grower in the region has a white van and we had already spotted dozens out and about in the vineyards.  It was perfect pruning weather and a great opportunity to catch up after the severe cold spell recently which  has put quite a few growers behind with their pruning.

Vines in the historic vineyard of Antoine Parnay have already been pruned

Interesting to see a bit of spur pruning going on in the same vineyard

Overlooking the vineyards towards the church just by Chateau Villeneuve 

The vines are weeping - all this summer-like weather is encouraging the sap to rise