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Sunday, 8 March 2009

Welcome to le tasting room's blog

Welcome to le tasting room's new blog. By all accounts this will be a bit of a 'slow' blog as one of the main reasons for moving to France in the first place was to slow down the pace of life and not get too bogged down with technology. But, one has to embrace the tools that allow business to develop and keep in touch with the world - so, here we are.

I hope to post news of happenings in and around us in the Loire Valley, notably between Angers and Saumur where we are situated. Things that catch my attention, wines we've shared, good meals we've had, food and recipes that capture my imagination.....who knows what else. A snapshot of living in a small hamlet close to the river Loire in France.


  1. Well done for starting this new blog. It is extraordinary how quickly a community develops as you will see, and it can be actual as well as virtual, as there are many bloggers aux bords dela Loire. We look forward to reading the notes from the tasting room.
    Try our blog as an example, as we try to breath a little new life into the cardinal's cité idéale.

  2. Many thanks for the welcome. We've just come back from a few days looking around the lesser known appellations. Post to follow...

  3. Just arrived at your blog looking whilst on google 'to plant vines' very interesting so far looking forward to reading on :-)