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Monday, 11 January 2010

Chenin Blanc - is it the world's most versatile grape variety?

If you’re searching for the most versatile grape variety in the world today, look no further than the chameleon Chenin Blanc.

At home in the Loire valley in France it produces wines of incredible diversity. In the Coteaux du Layon it makes sweet wines of the highest quality in Bonnezeaux and Quarts de Chaume - rich and honeyed with notes of apricot, quince, peach and caramel. In Anjou, fermented and aged in oak it has a depth of flavour and rich vanilla tone which is fabulous with the terrines and rillettes of the region.

In Savennières it’s long lived and has notes of grapefruit and even a hint of whisky on the nose. In Vouvray it’s delicate and refreshing with hints of pear and zesty fresh acidity. The wines of Jasnières even take on a Rieslinglike aroma given time and don’t forget the sparkling wines made from this most underrated of grapes.

There's no substitute for getting out into the vineyards and wineries to discover the delights of this amazing grape variety for yourself. We are well situated at le tasting room between Angers and Saumur and can have you in Savennières in the morning to taste dry minerally whites and then in the Layon in the afternoon to revel in the unctious sweet wines from its villages perched along the Corniche Angevine.

So, come and see for yourself - join us for a one day Loire wine tour in 2010 and let us share our passion for Chenin Blanc with you.

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