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Friday, 30 April 2010

Update on our vines

We have put up the trellising for the vines we planted last year. The small row of Chenin will be trained to Guyot Simple with one cane and one spur, supported by wires, and the Cabernet Franc vines will be bush trained to three short canes with a couple of buds each.

Buds have burst and are growing at an alarming rate. Although we are not quite out of the period when frost can be a serious threat, for us, it's the slugs that are causing trouble, nibbling away at the tender new shoots that are still quite close to the ground.

This year's task is to nurture the vines to a sensible working height and to develop their shape. They may provide fruit this year but we will remove any bunches that do appear to encourage the vine to put down strong roots and concentrate upon establishing themselves rather than producing grapes.

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