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Thursday, 2 February 2012

Tarte aux Pralines Roses

Feeling inspired by the recent Masterchef series  in the UK with Michel Roux junior we had a go at his tarte aux pralines roses avec poires caramelisées yesterday.  I made the sweet pastry base and blind baked that while my son got set with the filling.  Temperature is of the essence here so it's essential to have a thermometer.  You need 250g of pink praline almonds and 250ml of cream (or creme fraiche).  You beat the pralines into submission with a rolling pin in a plastic bag (leaving small pieces not pulvarising them to a powder).  Then you mix with the cream, bring to the boil and when the temperature reaches 104° you whip the pan off the heat and pour the mixture (which by now is a vivid pink colour) into the pastry case which you refrigerate until set (several hours or over night).

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