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Saturday, 28 April 2012

Anyone fancy a biscuit?

Magali & Patrick Groneau launched their small biscuit making business in 2006.  Based just outside Les Rosiers sur Loire, they bought the old school which gives them loads of space to produce the biscuits and receive visitors.   Patrick starts at 4am every day making the biscuit base to which he adds a variety of different flavourings.  Cabernet d'Anjou, apple, honey, butter, orange and lemon are just some of flavours you can find.  

Patrick first rolls out the prepared biscuit base to a precis thickness to ensure all the bicuits are the same.

He covers the rolled base with sugar that he then removes leaving just a trace - this ensures the biscuits are crisp and crunchy but not too sweet.

Using a special cutter, he marks out the biscuits and removes any that are not the perfect shape.

He then carefully removes the individual biscuits and places them on a baking sheet.

When the trays are full they are put in the oven for precisely 21 minutes at 155°C.

Exactly 21 minutes later they come out of the oven.

The biscuits are then checked sorted and weighed.

Each bag contains 200g of biscuits (around 24)

And finally over to Magali who is front of house.  The old classroom for CM2 provides a great space for tasting the range and other local products are also available.

The biscuits are completely natural with no preservatives added and have a long shelf life which makes them excellent as they retain their crunchiness.

We'll be serving them to guests in the morning alongside a coffee and are proud to be able to support one of our local producers.

Biscuiterie Le Vinaillou
Ancienne Ecole du Clairay
"Le Clairay"
Route de Beaufort
49350 Les Rosiers sur Loire
Open for visits from mid April until mid October and on Fridays during the winter months
Closed January/February

Tel 02 41 67 44 40
Email: le-vinaillou@live.fr

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