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Friday, 1 May 2009

Asparagus & Sauvignon Blanc

I managed to find some green asparagus this week. In France, we are surrounded by the white variety and although I have tried desperately to prefer it to the green, I just can't. The asparagus season is short and something that I looked forward to hugely in the UK when I would cook it in just about every which way until the last stems faded from the shelves and markets. Here, I have to make do with the odd bunch but in some ways this just makes it more enjoyable.
So, to this bunch - I think I may griddle it and serve it with some parmesan shavings and a little roquette drizzled with some old balsamic, or maybe I'll make some homemade hollandaise sauce or maybe I'll wrap the spears in pancetta and bake them, then serve them with a softly boiled egg and dip them in like 'soldiers'. Whatever I choose, finding the right wine can be quite difficult as asparagus has a tendancy to make wines taste metallic. But, I think I have one that will go very well - a Quincy from Jacques Rouzé. We tried the 2008 a couple of days ago and it has fresh elderflower fruit aromas (not verging on tropical) backed up by a lovely touch of minerality and fresh but not searing acidity. This will work well with the asparagus I think.

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